Principal's Message

My name is Stacie Rivera and I am beginning my third year as principal at Arellanes.  I am a Santa Maria native and attended Santa Maria schools.
I thoroughly enjoy working with the junior high students and staff.

Junior High is a very critical time for growth and development.  Here at Arellanes, we are committed to preparing students for high school.
They will learn successful practices including organization, planning, communication and teamwork.  They will learn to move through four classes each day.  They will also learn what each teacher expects of them and how to keep track of all their school requirements. 

The Junior High school years at Arellanes also offers something else that students may not have experienced in prior schools.  We have elective programs and many extra-curricular activities for students to explore current and new interests.  Often theses experiences are the ones that keep students motivated to be successful in school.  Sometimes these experiences lead to specific college majors and/or career choices.

Arellanes Junior High has a strong record of academic excellence.  We pride ourselves on high expectations.  The staff at Arellanes works hard to adjust to the academic needs of our students.  Our school has won the Battle of the Books 3 years in a row, won the Math Super Bowl, has an excellent band program, and has the highest Science test scores in the district.  We offer cheer, sports, clubs, ASES, and have an awesome staff.
I am proud to be a part of Arellanes Junior High.